Schock discusses faith and work at 2018 “God as CEO” breakfast

January 17, 2018—

In a panel led by current mayoral candidate and former ClickRain CEO, Paul TenHaken, five local business and government leaders addressed a group of 300 at the Country Club of Sioux Falls on Tuesday, January 16.

Our own Paul Schock was one of the five panelists, along with Susie Wingler of Shipley’s Laundry and Garment Spa, Mike Adams of Adams Thermal Systems, U.S. Congresswoman Kristi Noem, and Dan Lemme of C-Lemme Companies.

The group discussed the relationship between faith and work, and the concept, dubbed by TenHaken, of “our work as worship.”

Each panelist had a unique perspective, and, considering the equity industry, Schock was able to address the issue of bringing spiritual matters into a financially-driven space.

As a whole, the group agreed that faith and work need not be separate entities. The life you lead on Sundays can (and should) fit seamlessly into your Monday through Friday.

"I've had times when I've had much, and times when I've had little, but God works in those tough times, too."

—Paul Schock

While some workplaces are less welcoming to open discussion of spirituality than others, there are numerous ways to prioritize the Lord in your work.  

At Bird Dog, we place our faith in God, and trust in that knowledge to inform our decisions.

“I’ve had times when I’ve had much, and times when I’ve had little, but God works in those tough times, too,” said Schock.

We believe faith in the workplace doesn’t need to be a loud, abrasive statement, but can make its way into clients’ and coworkers’ hearts in the form of a gentle question, a prayer, or kind, compassionate interactions.

At the heart of this philosophy, is a prioritization of people over numbers or outcomes.

Learn more about the ways we strive to put people first here.

Paul was humbled to be asked to speak at this event. To learn more about the organization, “God as CEO” and to hear about upcoming events, visit their Facebook page.

We’d love to hear about your own experiences with faith in the workplace. Please feel free to share your stories in the comments below.