We hold true to a disciplined investment philosophy that is focused on the people behind the investment. 

But we don't stop there. Our careful due diligence and selection process is centered on Warren Buffet's time-honored principal of only investing in companies you are willing to put your entire net worth into. 

Our funds are characterized by a relatively small number of diligently-selected investments that meet all of our long-established criteria, summarized below:

The Industry
We're looking for companies that (1) we understand, (2) have a compelling demographic trend, and (3) are located in our geographic region. 


The Business
We target businesses that (1) have a defensible market niche, (2) meet a definable need that is beneficial to the economy and society as a whole, and (3) have a growing and sustainable base of happy, repeat customers. 


The Management
We back management teams that (1) we know well (or know someone who does), (2) have a strong track record in their industry, (3) share our work ethic and values, and (4) only win when we do. 

Putting "people first" isn't just a motto, it's part of our very character. We believe that the best people find a way to win in any environment. Those are the people and companies we invest in. 

Paul Schock