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A brief history of Bird Dog Equity Partners. 

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From the Introduction:

If you're reading this book, chances are you've already heard one or both of us say, "People First. Business Second." It's something of a mantra we've developed over the years, and it has served us very well.

And as you probably know by now, we like to get to know the people with whom we're investing. It seems only fair that those people get to know us too. 

So consider this book an introduction to Bird Dog. It's about business, sure. But it's also about us--Chad and Paul. Where we came from. What we've learned. How we ended up at a table with you. 

Hopefuly, there will be many more conversations to come. 

Best regards and happy reading,

Chad Hatch               Paul Schock
Managing Partner     Managing Partner

Sometimes real life can get messy. To avoid hurting feelings, to avoid incriminating the unethical, and to avoid being discourteous, we've changed some of the names of people and companies. However, the facts--and opinions--remain. 


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