Tara Edman

Business Manager & Executive Assistant

Hometown:  Centerville, SD
Education:  South Dakota State University
Previous:  Orthopedic Institute, Sanford Health, University Physicians Clinic

Photo of Tara Edman

Small town South Dakota is where Tara has spent most of her life away from work.  She was born and raised in Centerville, SD and currently lives in Alcester, SD with her two sons.  Tara has worked in the healthcare industry for the past 20 years in a variety of roles including medical coding, healthcare data analytics, and revenue cycle consulting.  She has learned that useful skills are an asset and can be applied in any position no matter the industry or job.  While there are obvious differences between healthcare and hospitality, there are more similarities than one would think.  In this role, Tara spends time assisting the partners with the general administration and operations of portions of the business.  She also handles the bookkeeping and accounting functions for multiple business units and works with clients, vendors, and other business partners to ensure they are taken care of and have what they need.  


Tara prefers to stay busy both at work and away from work.  When not at work, Tara enjoys spending time with her boys and attending their sporting and other events.  Reading, gardening, cooking, golfing, and running (slowly…) are all relaxing activities for her.  Tara and her sons also have a miniature Australian Shepherd named Max that they love to share their home with.  He’s a perfect mix of naughty and nice and makes them laugh daily.